You are what you eat!

You are what you eat!

Maintaining a healthy body is the combination of both Nutrition and Exercise. It is important to keep in mind that everything we eat must go somewhere. If we are not burning enough kJs through exercise and our daily activities that matches what we are putting into our mouths, then undoubtedly we will put on weight. In order to maintain a healthy body weight, it should be 80% diet, 20% exercise; not the other way around which many of us believe. Nutrition should be as much part of your life as exercise. There are numerous people that will exercise regularly, eat food that is not necessarily ‘good’ for our bodies, and wonder why they cant shed any kilo’s.

That’s not to say that you can’t eat an ice cream or enjoy a chocolate bar, of course you can! But these foods are not meant to be eaten every day as though they are part of your regular diet. These type of foods should only be eaten on the odd occasion, maybe once or twice a week. After all, we are only human and it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t treat ourselves. By having a healthy diet that is full of FRESH produce and that limits processed foods, you are already ‘treating’ your body to a healthier and fuller life.

Many people believe that what they are consuming is already healthy and adequate. However in most cases, there are foods and/ or beverages that need modifying. Some things can be as simple as changing from white bread to wholegrain or brown bread, or reducing the consumption of bread altogether. There are many healthy tricks too! Such as for sugar cravings, you could have organic hummus on organic rice cakes or a hot cacao drink with almond milk and a small sprinkle of xylitol. And if you are eating out and intend on spoiling yourself with your meal choices, then make sure you are in the ‘red’ zone for calorie consumption before you go so you are not over-consuming for the day and feeling very rotten afterwards.

Personally, I don’t believe in a specific diet as diet’s aren’t able to be maintained on a long term basis. I believe in ‘Healthy Eating’, all day, every day. Listen to the body to figure out what food’s are right for you. I developed many food intolerance’s several years ago now so it was imperative for me to listen to the messages my body was sending me. With the assistance of my fantastic and super lovely naturopath, Toni Weston, I was able to lead a normal life once more and be full of energy, without the need for caffeine. I am currently trying to ween myself off eating meat due to ethical reasons and because I know my body doesn’t need to consume it every day, but for a person naturally low in iron levels, it is proving to be quite difficult. Where a vegetarian can replace meat with legumes and lentils, I unfortunately cannot. So instead for now, I am paying very close attention to my body and when I notice that I am lower in energy and spirulina or carbs aren’t helping, I will have a small amount of red meat, rather than just eating it for the sake of it.  

I could go on for hours about nutrition and tips. If you would like to ask any questions, then just email me at

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