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Prenatal (Pregnancy) Yoga Courses

Prenatal (pregnancy) yoga empowers women in their journey of pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Prenatal Yoga

This is a unique time in a woman’s life that can feel wonderful for some, and for others totally the opposite. However, regardless of your pregnancy journey, it is only a short time in your entire life and one that needs to be honoured – so when you are tired and you feel that you need to rest, then rest! Or if you feel like conquering the world then do so. There is a lot going on in your body and its particularly at this time in your life that you need to listen and acknowledge the different days that you will experience.

Prenatal yoga is empowering. It is a community of mothers-to-be coming together to learn more about the birthing journey, gain strength and flexibility and to nurture their bodies and mind. In the course, you will learn positions that will aid in the birthing process if you wish to birth naturally. Labour is by its definition, labour. You need to build strength both physically and mentally to endure what is to come. Relaxation and breathing exercises are also taught in each class in preparation for birthing, but these can be incorporated into normal daily life as well.

In the course, you will also learn positions that promote optimal fetal positioning (OFP), pelvic floor exercises to both strengthen the pelvic floor and also learn how to release the pelvic floor as well, postural alignment and balance exercises, and most importantly, in each class there will be time to partner up and talk to the other women in the class.

Courses are conducted in five week blocks by an experienced and qualified prenatal yoga specialist. Please contact us for upcoming course dates.