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Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is a style of yoga where movement is linked to the breath. There is no set sequence of postures in vinyasa classes. Instead, the postures are free flowing and, combined together, form a central focus to the class. The class focus could be anything from hip or shoulder openers, to back bending, to inversions, or even focused around more alternative themes such as the moon or the sun, or one of the chakras.

Vinyasa yoga has many benefits and there are numerous studies that support the practice of yoga. By linking the breath to movement , we are able to start introducing the connection between the body and the mind – it teaches us to learn to connect with the body, to watch for the warning signs of an injury, to listen and respect our body as every day is different and some days for no apparent reason at all, it just isn’t right for you to practice a pose you may do every day (or you may need to do a variation of the pose). The breath also calms the mind which results in us learning to respond to situations, rather than react. 

Vinyasa yoga classes are for anyone – any age and any ability. We all must start somewhere! The classes are fun and dynamic with different variations to poses offered, so regardless of your ability the sequence progression enables you to progress through the postures at your own pace. Just do what you can do! . Come along and see for yourself!